Day 11 Rayne Parvis – Grow your confidence with style!

Let me introduce you to today´s speaker, Rayne Parvis!

She is a Los Angeles native, a wife, mom, a certified Style Coach™, personal stylist, media personality, and author of Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!.

Rayne has been serving women and men in need of fashion revamping since 2010. Her styling experiences range from wardrobe styling for branding agencies to award-winning headshot photographers to Nordstrom.

She is not only a Style Coach™ that helps goal getters achieve a personally polished look on the outside, with confidence to match on the inside while having fun along the way.

One thing that I love in the conversation is that we have to dress anywhere, and either those clothes are going to work for us, or against us. So, you better learn to use the tools to make your style to highlight your best self!

Today you are going to learn about:

  • How once you work in your confidence from the inside, you would automatically feel better on the outside.
  • How confidence does nothing to do with your looks.
  • How to learn to amplify your best features and qualities.
  • How you can work in partnership with your body and your attitude to send a specific message to the world.
  • How you can use layers in your basic outfit to feel more stylish.
  • Find your personality style type.

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Have a beautiful day girl!