Day 12 Leah Gervais – Always choose to keep going!

Always keep going, and don´t hold back, what are the fears that keep you from jumping in? For this subject, I had interviewed Leah Gervais.

She is the founder of the business coaching company, Urban 20 Something. She started everything as a blog, and now teaches her clients her specialty strategies in marketing and entrepreneurial mindset, helping many go from side hustle to six-figures.

Today you are going to learn about:

  • How things move faster when somebody guides you.
  • Why women wait to start everything until all is perfect or have all the qualifications.
  • How confidence is all about fear, and If you are aware of it, everything can change.
  • Choose to keep going, and your confidence would grow.
  • How perfectionism is another way of fear.

Don´t miss the end of the conversation where Leah would tell you that,  fear (lack of confidence) would never go away, but it is in you to work on it and ask yourself, Am I more afraid of going for what I want? or don´t go for it and to live in regret? That is the question! So…keep going, even if it is scary!

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Side hustle to six-figure case study

P.S: Leah and I would love to hear from you, what is something you are scared to jump in or start, and what are you going to do to overcome that fear? Comment below, and let us know!