Day 16 Esther Stanhope – Do you know how to sell yourself?

OMG! I am so excited to finally show you this interview today with the amazing and talented Esther Stanhope.

We had a blast in this interview, and you can totally see why this woman is so successful at what she does.

She can seriously help you feel confident, turbocharge your career, and get promoted by maximizing your personal brand.

She is a former BBC producer who knows how to nurture talent, she’s an international speaker, award-winning author and she helps city big wigs like Deloitte, Barclays , and the Government.

Fascinating fact? She’s interviewed George Clooney, Madonna and Sharon Stone.

Welcome, The Impact Guru Esther Stanhope …..

Today you are going to learn about:

  •  How telling this to yourself would change your life: Today, I am not going to be perfect!!! (Yay!!! what a liberation!).
  • How important is to understand that you have to own who you are!
  • Discover your USP (Unique selling point).
  • How asking your closes people can help you to discover what you are good at.
  • How you can also feel charismatic if you seek for support.

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P.S: Esther and I would love to hear what is your USP! Comment below and let us know! 



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