Day 18 Heather Deranja – Your Immune System

Today´s expert is another great professional with so much knowledge about health and the immune system. I wanted to add this subject to the series because I know maybe at some point in your life you may not feel super energetic or joyful, and it can have a really easy fix, but maybe it is something we can’t see ourselves because it is a deficit in our nutrition. Let me introduce you to Heather Deranja!

Heather is a registered dietitian nutritionist, cognitive behavioral specialist, personal trainer, and the founder of Nutrition Vixen. She helps women with autoimmune diseases who feel defeated go from surviving to thriving. She helps them to rewrite their thoughts, behaviors, and stories so they can feel confident, sexy, and empowered to take control of their health. Through mastering the mind-body connection, they are able to boost their energy, attack anxiety and depression, cultivate self-acceptance and transform not just their bodies, but their entire lives.

Amy explains why it is so important to figure out your values and goals in life before working in your financial planning.

Today you are going to learn about:

  • Why your Mind, Body, and Soul needs to be all connected.
  • The importance of being proactive with your health.
  • What are autoimmune diseases?
  • If you feel stress, it can be one of the main factors to attack your immune system.
  • Why you shouldn’t accept aging as they tell us in western medicine.
  • Shocking information: your health start by working on your mind.


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P.S: Are you 100% sure your immune system is healthy and strong? Have you ever check if you have food alergies? Comment below, and let me know.