Day 21 Anabel Vizcarra – Your Feminine Power

Anabel Vizcarra is an Embodiment Mentor and Womb Shaman. 
She teaches women how to awaken and embody their wise and wild feminine wisdom.
Through her cultivated gnosis, she helps women trust their awakening process by reconnecting to their core source of wisdom, their womb. She believes that when women come back into working with their own body wisdom they are able to transform their lives, build their Queendom, and express their genius.
Anabel’s work is a synthesis of Womb Shamanism, Gene Keys Transmission, Ayurvedic medicine, Quantum Physics & Epigenetics. 

Today you are going to learn about:

  • What is the womb awakening?
  • How as women, we need to return to our bodies.
  • How we normally look for meaning in the wrong places.
  • How self-confidence is an energy that we radiate.
  • How understanding your 4 phases, can give you the power to living at your best potential.
  • How we need to learn to navigate the masculine and feminine energies.

Free Gift:

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Optimizing the phases of your Menstrual Cycle

P.S: Are you aware of your women cycle? Do you think you can optimize your live learning about your phases?