Day 8 Dr. Chelsea Page – Sex & Self-confidence​

OMG!!! Today´s conversation is going to get your attention for sure….why? because nobody talks about it!

Sex, sexuality, and who you are in bed. What??? Yes, we had jumped into Dr.Chelsea´s office to talk about sex and self-confidence.

Dr. Chelsea Page, DHS, LPC, MS is an Intimacy & Women’s Empowerment Expert and therapy-informed coach passionate about working with women who are ready to break free.

One thing it really got my attention in our conversation is that she mentions that you have to explore who you are, embrace who you are, and express it! and that comes with expressing what you want!  Is not this brilliant?

Today you are going to learn about:

  • How you need to let go of unrealistic expectations.
  • Ask yourself, how do you want to show up sexually?
  • Is that thing that you like in bed normal?
  • The intimacy Piramide you need to know, to have a good relationship.
  • How to own your sexual you!
  • If you want something to be different, you need to lead that!

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Ask questions about sex, relationship, personal growth, this group is very intimate and you can find support from her community as well as professional advice fro her!


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