Kendall Hamilton – Talking About Money

Do you have your finances in order? Do you know how much do you spend every month?

Money is a subject that makes people uncomfortable and as Kendall mention in this interview it is  because Money is something nobody have to see. You can keep it secret, nobody is looking into your numbers! Are YOU looking into your numbers? It is crucial for your success to have a good understanding  of your actual finances. Are you on top of things or are you just living  paycheck by paycheck? Either way, we are here today to inspire you with valuable information.

In this episode you are going to learn about:
  • Why working on your finances it is so important
  • The negative beliefs about money
  • Tips to understand where you are at right now with your numbers.

P.S: We would love to hear about your finances, do you feel you have things organize and in order? or do you feel like you could use some help to feel better about your money?