I am passionate about the reclamation and embodiment of feminine power!


I’ve missed it, I've abused it and then became scared of it and a victim of it. My entire life has carried this thread and I have come to intimately know how detrimental and disconnected we can become when our relationship with our inner power isn’t healed, healthy, and grounded in love. Our world is filled with this disembodiment and distortion.

I've also come to experience power in its magic, the true lasting change, and potent healing balm it can be when it is rooted and cultivated to serve the feminine principles of creation. The enlivenment of the feminine senses and the grace it offers our lives as we descent and turns the gaze inward.

I 'had it all’… With my own real estate practice, I was successful as defined by our society. And yet, beneath the shallow facade of the fabricated world around me, I felt sad and frustrated. What the heck? I was supposed to be happy! There were a deep longing and emptiness that was animated by the birth of my son. Now I know, this was 'the call', the call to go deeper, to awaken my dormant wisdom, and to remember the ancient priestess ways.

My body knew what my conscious mind couldn’t make sense of. My body was the KEY! It's been a long and arduous journey that's taken me on wild adventures into the Underworld and behind the veil. And now, here I am, answering the call to share this wisdom.

To share secrets kept hidden for too long, here to answer the call of my sisters who are ready to go deeper. Who are ready to awaken to their potent and luminous power in order to become the whole and sensual women they are meant to be.


Anabel Vizcarra is an Embodiment Mentor and Womb Shaman.

She teaches women how to awaken and embody their wise and wild feminine wisdom. Through her cultivated gnosis, she helps women trust their awakening process by reconnecting to their core source of wisdom, their womb. She believes that when women come back into working with their own body wisdom they are able to transform their lives, build their Queendom, and express their genius.

Anabel’s work is a synthesis of Womb Shamanism, Gene Keys Transmission, Ayurvedic medicine, Quantum Physics & Epigenetics.

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