My goal is for you to be your most financially empowered self so you can enjoy your wealth and your life to the fullest now and when you retire.

Elena Forbes is a Business Finance Coach and Virtual CFO. She guides entrepreneurs to their most powerful, independent, and empowered financial selves. She has successfully guided, coached and motivated business owners from all around the world to create financial breakthroughs and live financially empowered.

Elena J. Forbes is a high-level business finance coach that has over two decades of experience helping business owners overcome their money blocks, create financial clarity and maximize their wealth so that they can live free, abundant and confident lives.

She partners with successful, high-income entrepreneurs to create a winning financial framework, mindset and strategies that are specifically designed to support their business and lifestyle goals.

Certified Tax Consultant & Advisor
EA (Enrolled Agent)
Multi Business Owner & Business Coach
EACertified Financial Education Instructor
Through her powerful guidance, tools and coaching techniques, she has transformed the financial lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners.

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