Hi, I'm Jasna,  I specialize in helping you create the most meaningful life and business. I am a Life and Business Coach obsessed about being of service to others and helping you create the dream life and business. I am in the business of creating powerful relationships and partnerships and I am hoping this is one as well. This means that whether you purchase one session, work with me on a regular basis or just engage with me and share your feedback – you will have my full attention. Your success and happiness is my success and happiness. Know this: I am not new to this work. I didn’t wake up one morning thinking it would be “cool” to be a coach and then proceed to preach the prosperity gospel while not being able to make my rent but make money from your belief in the above said prosperity gospel. I have done this for over a decade and while many would like to make you think differently, there is something to be said about expertise and authority that comes from education and decades of experience. If you don’t want a medical student to operate on your heart, then you don’t want an inexperienced coach messing with your life or business (Let’s not even talk about business coaches who don’t even have a successful business themselves).

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