No matter what your unique set of circumstances, resilience work emboldens your greatest gifts, empowers you to fully collaborate with the world around you, and propels you into the future you seek.

It is my honor to help facilitate individuals’ personal and professional growth through one-on-one resilience coaching.

I’m so excited to go on this journey with you.

Resilience building is a process of adaptive growth, therefore, the work we do together will shift to reflect your unique personal development. Coaching sessions focus on personal resilience - creating flow within and between your internal and external systems; professional and business resilience - creating flow within and between your professional and internal landscapes, and somatic coaching - a body-centered practice that helps you release past experiences so you can move forward in integrity.

You can expect a safe, nurturing space to take a breath, explore, and gain clarity on the systems at play in your life and work. Through authentic conversations and skillful somatic exercises, you’ll be mindfully guided through challenges while building the skills you need to engage your unique set of circumstances with ease and fulfillment. This is an opportunity for an incredibly rich transformation that allows you to move beyond perceived limitations, gain new perspectives, foster your core self, and grab hold of what you want most.

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