My name is Valerie Adams.

I am a Mindset and Empowerment Coach for women. I am here to help you realize your passion and breakthrough what’s keeping you stuck. You get to live a life of freedom and happiness - because you deserve it!



I struggled for many years with not only finding what my purpose was but also executing on it. I had major worthiness issues that showed up in almost every area of my life. I felt the need to be perfect and live into what everyone expected of me. On paper, I “had it all” – College degree, successful corporate job, health, fitness, relationships, friendships – I was checking all the boxes and appeared to have it all together. I was deeply unfulfilled and depressed on the inside. I remember constantly thinking, “Is this all there is to life?” I had a burning desire in me for more but had NO idea how to get there or what that looked like. I wanted what I felt on the inside to reflect on the outside. I didn’t know how what steps to take to get there so I numbed and sabotaged myself daily. I was addicted to binge-watching shows on Netflix, overspending on shopping going into debt, drinking every weekend and not knowing when to stop, sabotaging my exercise and health progress by binge eating, spending time with emotionally unavailable men, surface-level friendships based on gossiping and drinking, and scrolling for hours on Instagram comparing myself to every woman on there. I felt helpless and didn’t know if I could ever experience true happiness and fulfillment – that was the scariest feeling I experienced.



Life had already passed me by. I refused to live the same year over and over on repeat! Once I decided that I had had ENOUGH, I opened myself up to doing whatever it takes to live a life of purpose. Suddenly the tools, books, mentors, coaches, workshops, seminars, and courses appeared. When I made the (scary) investment and hired my first coach, my life changed - and I never looked back!



If you can relate to any of this, I would love to support you. My wish for you is that you will live a life of freedom from self-sabotage and anxious thoughts. I want to help you get there FASTER than I did.

You deserve to live a life of self-worth, happiness, and love - LIFE IS NOW! I can’t wait to support you!


Xoxo, Valerie

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