An intelligent woman’s approach to style, Style & Styleability is the foundation of fashion no one ever taught you. The principals shared apply no matter your weight, or size — and stays true over the years as you and your personal style evolve. Unlike in magazines, here, there are no trends, no boxes you need to fit into, and no “must-haves.” It’s a recipe to feeling more like yourself.

The doors to S&S are currently closed - we open them periodically throughout the year. Don't fret - I'm hosting a free class: Dress Your Shape (and other things no one taught you). Stop guessing and get answers!

  • Belendiezblaz
    August 19, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    I did this e-course myself, and I really loved it! I did learn a lot of basics about style, how to combine colors, fabrics, try things that you don´t feel comfortable with, and to organize my closet. Really recommend the investment. Nobody teaches us this, and I think it is fundamental to feel good with yourself and confident.

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