DISCOVER THE ONLY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE THAT UNVEILS WHO YOU TRULY ARE SO THAT EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE Create permanent change in your life, obliterate the people pleaser in you, and learn to Love less than 48 hours. Break Free of Your Comfort Zone and See What You’re Made Of. The Bridge Experience is a LIVE, experiential workshop where you spend 2 days discovering things about yourself you never knew…and at the same time, building a community of like-minded people who become like a family. By using a number of scientifically-backed techniques, we exercise your nervous system’s ability to absorb and process stress. We empower you to release emotional trauma that’s been stored in the body for years and is holding you back in life. Then, we give you the tools and tactics and ancient wisdom so you can process through stressful situations much more efficiently so it doesn’t stay in your body. This workshop is intentionally designed to be a microcosm of your ENTIRE life. We facilitate exercises that force you to get out of your comfort zone and confront yourself in the safest environment possible. Learn more in our website!


Los Angeles, California, United States of America

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