Manasi Kakade – How to find your Dharma

Have you heard about finding your Dharma? Do you know about spirituality?  I feel like more people are getting used to talking about these things, but still a lot of us haven’t been expose to it to understand it fully.

As Manasi explains, Spirituality can be as simple as the connection with your self, and it doesn´t  have to be related to religious at all.

I hope after listening to this conversations you have new knowledge and inspiration to keep learning about yourself, and to understand the importance of being in alignment with yourself and what you do in life.

In this episode you are going to learn about:
  • What does Dharma mean
  • Who are the bridge walkers
  • The importance of aligning yourself with what you do

More info about Manasi Kakade:

Want to work with Manasi 1:1 in connecting with your Dharma? Learn more and apply here.
Are you a Bridgewalker? Start exploring what that means with this free PDF Beginner’s Guide for Bridgewalkers.

P.S: We would love to hear from you. Have you dedicate time to find your Dharma? 

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