Day 1 Petia Kolibova – how to discover your core values

Our guest today is Petia Kolibova, a transformational coach who is going to show you the importance of getting to know your values and learning about yourself. Let´s be honest, if you don´t take time to learn about the things you value in your life, what you like, what you don´t like, what you stand for…how are you going to be confident if you don´t know yourself?

Don´t miss the end of the interview with Petia, she will give you a very useful tip to start taking action in discovering yourself.

To believe in yourself start by finding out your values and what you stand for.

Today you are going to learn about:

  • Why confidence is like a muscle, and why you need to work on it everyday.
  • Why you don´t need to have everything figure out.
  • Why confidence goes together with worthiness, and all is within you.
  • How to start changing things in your life that doesn´t go with your core values, and how to identify those values! (don´t miss this, it is brilliant.)


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P.S: Petia and I would love to hear what are the values you stand for that you have discovered with her exercise. Comment in the box below.