Sarah Lakhani – How to Find clarity in your business

Have you ever had an idea or desire to start your own business? If so, the main thing you need to start with is by getting clear on what is that you want to do. Sometimes we start things without that clarity and it is possible to create something meaningful, but for sure it would take us longer to try to figure out all by ourselves. 

By being clear in your business you’ll be able to achieve success sooner, since you would be stronger when you present your project to others. If it is not clear in your mind…how is it going to be clear to others? 

Today we have a business coach, and we will be talking about how you can get clarity to start moving forward with your brilliant idea! We need your talents and your ideas, so please, accept support from somebody so you can serve all the people who are in need of your products and services!

In this episode you are going to learn about:
  • How creating a mindful business will keep you motivated through difficult times.
  • How to find clarity when you have an idea
  • Some initial knowledge about business models ,business strategy and business plans.
  • How it is important to select a mentor and follow their method, because if you research online you would have a lot of information, but you would not have a roadmap to follow.

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