Shannon Whaley – How to be your real self in business and life

A lot of times we present ourselves as that image that we want our clients or people around us to see. We can see everyday how we try to put our best pictures on instagram and show the world that fantastic life we have, when it is not real most of the time. ( :/ Believe me….most of my days I am on my pijama and a bun on my hair! ha ha)
In business also we are coming from an approach of just market our services and show how professional or perfect we are.

Shannon Whaley is here to introduce all of us to the concept of being real, showing our real selfs and our real struggles so real people can relate with us and become unconditional fans or clients, because they can say…yeah…me too! I am like you.

She also talks in this interview about how when you start being your real self in life, things just start working differently, since you are not exhausted trying to pretend to be something you are not and your feel just more energy and productive by showing up in life as your real true self.

This had made a huge difference in her life, she started to attract her ideal clients and ideal people into her life that give her the opportunity to create her dream life.

In this episode you are going to learn about:
  • How by sharing who you are, you would niche down and attract your dream tribe
  • How it is better to show up real better than perfect
  • How you need to learn to start focusing in pleasure, instead of hustling, to become successful and have a fulfilled life.
  • When you don’t show up your real self and live what you talk, energetically people will feel it and don’t come to you.

More info about Shannon Whaley:

Visit her website here.

P.S: We would love to hear from you. How are you showing up more as your real self these days?

With Love,