Who I am


This is Belen Diez founder of E-volve Your World. 

I was 20 when I started questioning everything about my life. I moved from Spain to different places trying to figure out what I wanted in life, with no luck. 

It wasn´t until I started learning about personal development and how it can lead to a successful life that things really started to change. I met people who gave me books to read about relationships, money, and overall becoming a better version of myself. Little by little I started immersing myself in coaching websites, programs, videos, and anything that would put me in the right mindset.

Today, I’m 37 years old, create a fulfilled relationship with my husband, and own a couple of businesses. Best of all I’m living the life that I want, the life that I created for myself after years of hard work. I spent a lot of time looking inward meditating and consuming motivational content that helped me with things like adjusting my bad habits, building a healthy lifestyle, learning skills that I applied to maintain a successful relationship, and more. Most importantly, I’ve dedicated time to work on my ability to learn, grow, and keep a positive mindset.

That is why I created E-Volve Your World. To connect you with the right people who have experience and can provide you with the tools to live the life you want. These coaches can guide you in the process of figuring out what it is that you want to achieve or areas you might want to work on.

Life is too short to spend your youth feeling lost, insecure or unhappy. As soon as you start to work on it a more fulfilled life you will have. After you find it…keep learning and growing…because it is a life-long process.

With love,

Belen Diez