“Own it” is a phrase that’s been tossed around by highlighter-hued, pencil skirt, shoulder pad-clad women with larger-than-life permed hair. “Do you feel unsure of yourself, or lack confidence?” They ask. Then before you can reply they say, “No problem, just “own it” instead!” One thing’s clear: You should own “IT.” Yes, it. The thing. That thing. The thing... you know what it is. Don’t you? You don’t? So, what is IT, exactly?

We know what ownership is on a high level: perhaps you have a car, house, or computer. You paid for it. It was gifted to you. It’s yours. But what about the things that aren’t tied to money? That aren’t necessarily even physical things you can hold or touch? The things that cannot be given or taken away from us? The things that we feel inside that we so deeply want to be, and express, but something’s holding us back. When you truly own something, you have confidence in claiming it. You feel deserving of it to the point where you don’t second guess… is this quality or way of showing up something that I can really do? Is it really me? There’s a simultaneous calm and excitement in this knowing. It becomes natural for you to be the highest expression of yourself.

Yup, that’s IT.

In Own It, we don’t play on the surface. We dive right into it. We step into our higher selves and become her, now. We build upon and deepen what you think you own, what you want to own, and bridge that gap in a supportive community of fellow owners. The ‘Own It Club’ isn’t one of those traditionally exclusive clubs where you need to dress a certain way or know the secret password to 3 yacht clubs to get in. It’s for those who are devoted to doing the work, are open to change, and not interested in doing it alone. And in that way, it is exclusive. It’s a journey of depth, breadth and fun.

Are you ready to discover what it is, and own it with confidence?

Biography: Stephanie Thoma is a Forbes-featured leadership & life coach, certified hypnotherapist, and best-selling author of the transformational networking book, Confident Introvert. She has facilitated over 1,000 events and established a fulfilling career helping people generate meaningful connections with themselves and others that catapult them forward in their career and life. To date, Stephanie has helped thousands of people celebrate their strengths, step into their authentic confidence, and make meaningful connections through speaking at places like Harvard University and 1:1 coaching.

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