Day 13 Barbara Pease – Body language lessons to become more confident

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did when I talked with Barbara Pease!

She is an extraordinary businesswoman, but also knowledgable and experienced about living her best life!

Barbara Pease is Australia’s biggest selling female non-fiction author. She has established an enviable media and brand presence for the business in every major economy in the world, ensuring the Pease name is synonymous with Body Language & Communications around the world.

Barbara has appeared on most major TV programs in the UK and Europe, including 6 TV Series for BBC Science.

She sais that the last thing you have to do when you leave a conversation or a room is to turn around and smile! Boom!!! Pure magic!!! You would leave them…what a confident woman.

Today you are going to learn about:

  • How learning new skills is the number one thing to do for yourself.
  • How you need to practice body language until it comes naturally.
  • How even women in hight pay positions still have moments of self-doubts.
  • How body language is so important for your confidence and to communicate with others.
  • The 10 tips to boost your confidence and have an extraordinary life true to yourself.


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