Dominique Didinal – How to discover your radiance

A lot of times as woman, we struggle with the simple things as talking what we think, doing what we want to do or just being ourselves in any situation and we are wandering why is this?

Well, we are coming from a patriarcal system of thousand of years and it is not been until recent years or centuries that women had have a voice on their own.

Today we are still carrying the weight on our shoulders of the be a good women, be quiet, put others needs before ours.

Thankfully the western women are awakening and we are here to support all the other women in the word. To encourage all women in the process of being visible, showing their real self and speaking their truth.

Today we have with us Dominique, an empowerment coach for women who would give us some advice in how to discover our radiance so we can shine our light and transmit that energy to others around us.

In this episode you are going to learn about:
  • What to do when you feel uninspired about your life when you think you are achieving what the society had told you to achieve.
  • How everybody has the desire to be seen, hear and accepted for who they are.
  • How women create a mask to protect ourselves and then we forgot who we really are and the power we have.
  • The importance of setting up time and boundaries to reflect in your life and take care of yourself first.

More info about Dominique Didinal:

Visit her website here.
Get Dominique´s free 3 part video training on visibility here.

P.S: We would love to hear from you. Do you feel that sometimes you are not really being visible? What are the next step you are going to take to be more visible?

With Love,