Day 2 Lana Otoya – Love Yourself First

Today we have Lana Otoya, she is a professional dating coach and dating advice blogger. Using both a scientifically-based approach to dating and the experiences of her one one one clients, she developed strategies to help women find a man that truly enhances their life rather than settling down just to be married.

Do you have your coffee on hand? Be ready for a really cool conversation about online dating, confidence, and tips to dealing with ghosting! (I had learned this word today! ;P)

Today you are going to learn about:

  • How you don´t need a man to survive.
  • Working in yourself before looking for somebody else.
  • The magic of adding partnership when you are already complete.
  • The game of online dating.
  • How to don´t feel defeated when somebody ghosts you!
  • Why the list of qualities you are looking in a man may be hurting you.
  • How men have different timing when falling in love.

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